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Espresso £2.00
Double espresso £2.30
Latte £2.45
Cappuccino £2.45
Americano £2.20
Flat White £2.45
Mocha £2.45
Hot Chocolate £2.45


Lovely loose-leaf teas from Tea Pigs . . pot for 1: £2.45, pot for 2: £3.50

Your choice of:

Everyday brew
Strong Earl Grey
Silver Tips white tea
Jasmine pearls
Chai tea
Fresh mint (served in a cup for one person)
Green tea with brown rice (from Genmai-chai)

Cold Drinks

Fentimans Curiosity Cola £2.95
Fentimans Victorian Lemonade £2.95
Ringdens apple juice £2.95
Ringdens apple & rhubarb juice £2.95
Ringdens apple & raspberry juice £2.95
Ringdens pear & apple juice £2.95
Folkington’s orange juice £2.50
Harrowgate still or sparkling water £2.20